Step 1: Pick your scope

Tektronix MDO3000 Series Oscilloscope

General Purpose, Embedded Systems Design & Debug.

10 Mpoints memory with Fast Waveform Search and Navigation

100 MHz to 1 GHz Bandwidth Options

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Tektronix MDO4000C Series Oscilloscope

Embedded, Wireless Systems, Design and Debug

20 Mpoints memory with Fast Waveform Search and Navigation

200 MHz to 1 GHz Bandwidth Options

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Step 2: Pick your Options and Modules

MDO3000 Series Options

Spectrum Analyzer Option Newark # Tektronix #  
3 GHz Spectrum Analyzer 29X1611 MDO3SA $2,680
Function Generator Option      
Arbitrary Function Generator 29X1582 MDO3AFG $820
AND SELECT one of the following      
Application Module      
Aerospace Module 29X1581 MDO3AERO $1,180.00
Audio Module 29X1583 MDO3AUDIO $1,180.00
Automotive Module 29X1584 MDO3AUTO $1,180.00
Computer Module 29X1605 MDO3COMP $1,180.00
Embedded I²C/SPI Module 29X1606 MDO3EMBD $1,180.00
FlexRay Module 29X1697 MDO3FLEX $1,180.00
 Limit & Mask Test Module 38Y6330 MDO3LMT $820.00
Power Analysis Module 29X1610 MDO3PWR $1,490.00
USB Serial Triggering Module 29X1613 MDO3USB $1,180.00

MDO4000C Series Options

Application Modules Newark # Tektronix #  
Spectrum Analyzer - 75% Off 68Y7739 MDO4SA3 $3,780
Spectrum Analyzer - 75% Off 68Y7741 MDO4SA6 $7,560
Digital Channel Add-on 68Y7738 MDO4MSO $3,080
AND SELECT one of the following      
Arbitrary Function Generator 68Y7725 MDO4AFG $1,030
Aerospace Mil-STD-1553 99R3237 DPO4AERO $1,700
Audio Module 73P4705 DPO4AUDIO $1,540
Automotive Module 69K6761 DPO4AUTO $1,540
Computer Module 31M1249 DPO4COMP $1,540
Embedded I²C/SPI Module 69K6762 DPO4EMBD $1,540
Ethernet 10/100BASE-TX Module 99R3239 DPO4ENET $1,540
Limit & Mask Module 99R3240 DPO4LMT $960
Power Measurement 73P4706 DPO4PWR $1,900
USB Serial Triggering Module 51R4501 DPO4USB $1,700
Video Triggering Module 51M6792 DPO4VID $961
 Advanced RF Power Module 48T2683 MDO4TRIG $1,850

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